hey everyone! i haven’t updated my blog on here for a while, so i have a lot of things to tell you guys about.

okay, so the blank project really didn’t work out too much. life gets in the way, and with a full time job and other things, i kinda let my procrastination throw this little project overboard. ugh. it sucks, because i really wanted to finish and i wasn’t able to! well, that was trial run one. i will attempt again later, possibly next year around february. i’ll tell you guys more about that when the time comes. (remind me! haha)

since the demise of the blank project, i kinda started writing in my own time and i’ve churned out a lot of great lyrics and a couple new songs. i have been able to meet and network with a lot of local grand rapids talent and seriously, our city has so much to offer, so many talented people! i was able to meet and befriend some of these awesome people and i’ve been able to become part of a local start-up record label called phil good music. i was thinking already of starting my own record label, but i instead preferred to join something that was already starting and learn more about music and the industry.

i’m now doing an apprenticeship of sorts at phil good music, which has allowed me to seize upon their connections and i was able to play my first show since february of last year, when i opened for jt woodruff and a bunch of other awesome musicians down at the mixtape cafe. it was awesome.

i am also starting to do some planning, research and pre-production stuffs for an ep i want to release very soon… now, i just want to start building up a little hype, so i won’t say much. but i’m writing, polishing and trying to assemble an awesome team of people to do this with me. i hope to have something that i can be proud of and that all of you can be proud of as well soon.

new windows of opportunity are opening and i’m quite excited about it, i hope you guys can join me for the ride!

i promise i’m not neglecting you guys. expect to hear from me more often. until next time, i hope my smile in the cheesy picture above will show you guys how happy i am at how everything’s turning out! exciting, exciting. i’m lucky.



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