a new project.

so. i’ve got my work cut for myself.

14 original songs.
30 days.

ohhh yeah!

every artist at some point needs to begin to apply discipline to his craft. lately, i feel like i have begun to move away from music, and have been living a mundane life without it. it’s time to remove the creative cobwebs and blow the dust off of my guitar and tap into my love for music.

i have been feeling creatively stagnant lately. every song i write seems to sound the same, and every word i write is questioned by my impulsive perfectionism. if you don’t practice your craft, you’ll eventually suck at it, and bad. i do not intend to suck at what i love. i started the video above with a simple assertion: “my name is edgard. and i am a musician.”

i hope you guys will join me in this little journey. i’m very excited about it.

and i’m sorry i look so crappy in that video! bahaha.



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