about me.

hello. my name is edgard. i’m twenty-three years old. i was originally born in rio piedras, puerto rico. i have two younger brothers. i currently live in grand rapids, mi. i always have a difficult time writing about myself because i just feel like i’m just trying to sell myself to an audience. “like me, like me, pretty please!” screams the pleaser inside of me. so, i apologize if i stumble as i try to explain who i am in a text box for some website.

my first two loves were politics and music. odd mix, i know. i grew up in puerto rico where it seems people argue about everything – especially politics. my family was always talking about it and i dunno, it just seemed so fascinating to me. since i was little, i hoped i’d end up being some sort of elected official – everyone would say that i’d be governor of puerto rico one day or president of the united states. after i graduated from high school here in grand rapids, (forest hills northern represent) i began getting involved in local republican activism once i started college. my brother soon followed me. for a while, i devoted a lot of time to building a groundwork for a possible political career. years later, i now find myself in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, asking myself where to go. still with no degree, a frustration with my seemingly shrinking “political career”, i started searching for meaning and an alternative creative outlet.

that’s where my friends came in. i’m honored to count a lot of amazing individuals as my friends, especially two people: kate griffes and jessica chase. these two individuals awoke in me an urge to make music. my grandfather is one of latin america’s most gifted requinto players and has always been involved in music with his puerto rican folk music group, trio los cancioneros. i grew up going to my grandpa’s shows, seeing him play the guitar like no one i’d ever seen before. to me, he’s my jimi hendrix – that man, with little to no formal guitar instruction, and no knowledge of formal music theory, has managed to do pretty well for himself. in my family, he’s the standard i have to meet as a musician.

well, here i am seeking meaning, a path to follow since politics isn’t feelin’ too hot for me lately. i chose music, thanks to kate and jessica. we formed a band as a joke and before we knew it, songs were pouring out of us. i learned to play guitar and i built off from there. i started writing my own music, writing my own song at age 19 about a girl that had rejected me for reasons that i perceived as shallow… haha. from then on, it just… music just bled through my fingers onto the guitar and the paper, and i haven’t stopped since.

i’ve had the honor of playing a few shows, opening for some great people like the icarus account and jt woodruff, lead singer of hawthorne heights. i’ve had the honor of sharing a stage with a lot of local musicians (suddenly fond memories of doing aquinas idol back in the day pop up) and… i love it more than anything. having people connect with something i wrote awoke in me a desire to speak, to write, to put what i feel down and sing it, with no fear and no shame.

i hope to share my music with more people, share my journey as a person in this world, trying to figure out what to do with my life in a world that seems to be changing constantly. what is true now may not be true tomorrow, and for the first time in a long time, i’m starting to make peace with that.

okay, i feel like i’ve rambled off for a while now. haha. i’m edgard. i’m an aspiring president or rockstar… well, we’ll see. this is me, and that’s what you will always get.

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