hellooooo! :p

there’s been a lot of developments lately in my life, and i have been experiencing some amazing things. i have renewed my love with music, and i am glad to say that i am currently in the process of starting my own record label, and perhaps be a catalyst in the future for real art and culture in michigan… and maybe beyond. it’s called rapid city records. i have been writing lately too, and i hope to begin recording soon. i plan on releasing an ep sometime at the end of the year to share with all of you. music is something that works as a way to express feeling. and… eh… i happen to have a lot of feelings, haha. a lot of things have been going on in my life and i have found myself writing about a lot of it.

at the end of the year, i hope to have my very first ep ready, right now, it’s titled “To sleep less and dream more” (hat tip to gabriel garcia marquez). but don’t get attached. i change shit around a lot, haha. but i’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the title with… i’m about 89% certain of it.

please, stick around… i plan to begin releasing things to hold everyone over until then. :p videos, audio, maybe some other stuff. i will be regularly updating this, i promise. so… stick around, help a brotha’ out! if you guys like my music share it with people – like me on facebook, follow me on twitter, subscribe to me on youtube… ya’ll know the drill. ┬áif you have last.fm and you have my music, every time you play a song of mine, it helps me climb up in the charts, so to speak, at last.fm. if you’re on reverbnation, become a fan… and yeah, so on and so forth.

and… if you can… you should like my new record label on facebook too: rapid city records.

until tomorrow!

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