July 11, 2011
by Edgard Portela
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hey everyone! i haven’t updated my blog on here for a while, so i have a lot of things to tell you guys about.

okay, so the blank project really didn’t work out too much. life gets in the way, and with a full time job and other things, i kinda let my procrastination throw this little project overboard. ugh. it sucks, because i really wanted to finish and i wasn’t able to! well, that was trial run one. i will attempt again later, possibly next year around february. i’ll tell you guys more about that when the time comes. (remind me! haha)

since the demise of the blank project, i kinda started writing in my own time and i’ve churned out a lot of great lyrics and a couple new songs. i have been able to meet and network with a lot of local grand rapids talent and seriously, our city has so much to offer, so many talented people! i was able to meet and befriend some of these awesome people and i’ve been able to become part of a local start-up record label called phil good music. i was thinking already of starting my own record label, but i instead preferred to join something that was already starting and learn more about music and the industry.

i’m now doing an apprenticeship of sorts at phil good music, which has allowed me to seize upon their connections and i was able to play my first show since february of last year, when i opened for jt woodruff and a bunch of other awesome musicians down at the mixtape cafe. it was awesome.

i am also starting to do some planning, research and pre-production stuffs for an ep i want to release very soon… now, i just want to start building up a little hype, so i won’t say much. but i’m writing, polishing and trying to assemble an awesome team of people to do this with me. i hope to have something that i can be proud of and that all of you can be proud of as well soon.

new windows of opportunity are opening and i’m quite excited about it, i hope you guys can join me for the ride!

i promise i’m not neglecting you guys. expect to hear from me more often. until next time, i hope my smile in the cheesy picture above will show you guys how happy i am at how everything’s turning out! exciting, exciting. i’m lucky.



March 16, 2011
by Edgard Portela
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killing procrastination.

you guys. i am so sorry. i have failed you guys! i’m so sorry that i haven’t been able to update in a long time. it’s been ten very, very hectic days. i’m incredibly embarassed, you guys! i’m so sorry. i’ve been working a lot and been distracted with other things in life such as seeing family and friends. i have been writing a lot of lyrics lately, and i have finally got down a good melody to put words to now. i am working as well on another song that i started to write a long time ago but never finished. so, essentially i have two songs almost ready.

other than that, i’ve been a little overwhelmed by the task i put myself in. i have found myself thinking about what am i gonna do if for some reason the deadline comes by and i have nothing ready. that would be really shitty. i’ll probably grant myself a little wiggle room and extend the project a little bit until i’m finally done. unlike most of the stuff i start, i will finish this. in at least a month and a half, if i can’t do it in the original 30 days. writing an album from total, complete scratch in a month is a pain in the ass. but i love it.

i will be unveiling the two new songs and other news regarding the project within the next few days. i’ll be really busy over the next few days writing – but writing for other little projects I have due this week as well as cleaning and finishing the remodeling work my housemates and i started. it’s hard to do that when the house you live in is a popular place for our friends to get drunk at… heh. fabulous.

something i have discovered lately is that i need to prioritize, organize and focus. FOCUS. the focus is needed, badly. i find myself being very ADHD, distracted by everything and everyone. lately i’ve felt a big pressure from people… when i want to write and play guitar, i retreat into my room and close the door. i’m having me time – i’m dealing with strong emotions, memories and i’m having internal dialogue… essentially, the songwriting process for me is very personal and very emotional. i cry, i laugh, i throw things. (yes. i’m crazy. but we all knew that already.) understand why i need to be isolated? haha. lately i’ve been feeling a little overstimulated – too many people around me, too many people demanding things from me – like my time, money, attention… i feel i’ve lost focus. this project so far has been one of self-evaluation. some of it has been cruel, and it’s because, well, i am my own worst critic. i’m a perfectionist. when you’re an artist… that’s not necessarily a good trait to have when you’re trying to keep a consistent output of material. i just want to be able to write without even judging what i’m writing and the theme of the song, get through it and do the revisions later. i must… correct… DAMN.

the project is moving along, guys. i have three songs so far. there are fourteen days left. i’ll have to write a song a day for the next few days to have it completed, and it’d give me some time for a nice revision break. i’m gonna try my hardest. wish me luck!

love you all!

March 6, 2011
by Edgard Portela

finally, a new song!

so i’m extremely thrilled. it’s been four days since i started the blank project, and i finally – FINALLY – was able to write my first song.

i was riding in the car with my brother today on my way from work to my house and the first little verse just hit me immediately. i wrote it down and i just let it sit for a little bit until i got home and got to play with it. i started playing around with my guitar, and well, the mood of the song had already come to me. it was meant to be melancholic, cynic and sad. i started to tap into emotions and situations, and before you know it, i was recording the demo for it in less than fifteen minutes! i’m very happy with it so far. well, there will be adjustments and tweaks here and there to the song as the project moves along, of course, but i’m very happy with what came out. the words and the melody captured perfectly what i envisioned.

this is the first song i’ve written in quite a long time, and you have no idea how ecstatic i am about it.

[The Blank Project] “What Love Is” (Demo) by eddypmusic


the song is called “what love is”. the melody is incredibly simple – just two chords throughout the entire song. it is meant to evoke a melancholic and sad mood. the song is about a man who has traveled and been to all sorts of places (figurative and literal) to prove to their lover that they love them and that they want to be with them. once the lover finally sees this man for the first time, the lover rejects him and shoots him down in an incredibly hurtful way. the song ends with a moment of reflection by this man, who stands rejected and hurt, asking himself if the pain and anguish of having lost is what love really is.

here are the lyrics:

I’ve been here and there
Showed up everywhere
Been heard and seen
With a heart ripped at the seams
I still took a risk, took a fall
Isn’t that what love is after all?

I just want you to understand
That there’s nothing I can’t stand
If I came here for you
Then I can do anything
But you were only a cold, dead wall
Isn’t that what love is after all?

Why is it that this happens
Only to me
I’m here to take my place
Claim your sweet love for me
You tricked me, made me feel so small
Isn’t that what love is after all?

I’m just a guy of twenty-three
And I feel like love ain’t for me
Too much passion is just wasted
People broken for parts awfully
Run and hide in your coffee
Isn’t that what love is after all?
Isn’t that what love is after all?
Isn’t that what love is after all?

March 5, 2011
by Edgard Portela
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just wanted to share with you guys a quick little epiphany.

sometimes you need to be reminded that beauty, truth and expression do not have to be complicated, cryptic or huge. a lot of the time, there three things are found intertwined in the most simple, in the most raw.

i want to share with you guys what reminded me of this today, and began inspiring me to write.

Ellie Goulding – Wish I Stayed (Acoustic Version) from juldes on Vimeo.

i hope you guys love it. it evoked such a strong emotional connection in me and woke up feelings and thoughts that need to be written.